Mixin’ Prints


Last February, I’ve mentioned that I’ll be posting an outfit that has more than one print while still making it look nice and well partnered. Sorry it took so long but finally, here it is!


Recently, a good friend of mine just opened a new clothing line which is Ramp Street Clothing. They have really cute and inexpensive clothes, plus, I trust them like 100%. Anyways, I got my top from that shop and it was personally delivered to my house! I tried it on and I loved it like SO MUCH. At first, I was actually thinking of pairing it with high waisted pants of any color. Although, I got this really adorable owl skirt from Bethany Mota’s clothing line on Aeropostale and I had no idea what to pair it with. So, I tried wearing them together and it looked pretty cute! Then, I just wore my favorite wedges from Forever 21 to complete this edgy look.

Yeah, pretend you didn’t see anything red on my head but now, you can. :)


But of course, when you have my face that rarely passes as a 13 year old even if I’m 15 already, my voice that can pass as an 11 year old and my personality which is really bubbly, being legit edgy isn’t really my thing. I mean usually, I end up having some twist on my look. Although for most of you, I guess you can rock that edgy look. But if you want to wear something more “out there”, you can add accessories like how I did on the photo on top. It’s just that, that wasn’t really my main target for this look.



Since I was wearing a skirt that had the prints of an owl, I thought that it was really girly and maybe, I could actually make my look girly and edgy and the same time! So I wore this maroon bow that I got from THEGIRLMNL on Instagram and this cute robot necklace from my friend.


I really think that those accessories were able to express my personal style and of course my personality and mood. As they say, your mood and personality reflects on what you wear and your preferred style.

From this look, I actually learned something new since I’ve never tried this before. Anyways, I learnt that the colors are the ones that bring 2 prints together excluding white and black since you can pair them with technically, any color.

So yeah, I hope you learnt something from this post like how I did! :)

Have a wonderful June! <3

Xx, Cess


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    Totally love the look! It kinda reminded me of one of Kryz Uy’s outfits wherein she mixed textures, and your look is just as good – even better, actually! I also love your writing; it’s so empowering without being too preachy. And kudos to you for not settling on a super edgy look because it just isn’t you. Yay for embracing personalities! xx


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